Apartments Frigo-Arba

Our house is located in a quiet and attractive location and we are located only 10 minutes walk along the coast to the old town.
There are two apartments on the second floor of the house and our guests can enjoy the beautiful breathtaking view of the sea and 4 bell towers.
  • Information about accommodation:
  • Name and surname: Biserka Pende
    ZIP and place: 51280
    Address: Banjol 316/2
    Location: Banjol
    Phone: 051 724 919
    Fax: 051 724 919
    GSM: 098 9245 231
  • Characteristics
  • Type of lodging: appartments
    from the see: 150 m
    from the see in direct line: 100 m
    from fine pebble beach: 300 m
    from stony bathing seeside: 200 m
    from rocky bathing seeside: 200 m
    from concrete-built seeside: 150 m
    from sandy beach: 150 m
    from alimentary shop: 100 m
    from city center: 400 m
    from restaurant: 150 m
  • Arrival and distances in km
  • airport: 120
    railway station: 130
    bus station: 1
    highway exit: 70
  • Additional services and equipment
  • pets (dogs,cats,etc): no
    TV: SAT TV